Is it a crime or have I deceived myself? It was not my intention to become refugee but the circumstance constrained me. In my own land during the operation of the ethnic cleansing, I escaped from the gunfires and mass killings and gang rapes. I saw the child thrown into the fire, At the moment I felt there’s no human rights in this gloomy world. while I reached at the ashore of the river I found a boat. I stepped over it, then the current of water and the winds carried me to the safety.

After the journey of so many days and nights. I barely found a foreign land where although nobody was familiar I got a heartily service of humanity. But I still have the shooked of the gunfires and bombs. The crueler drove me away from the land but they couldn’t erased the memories of my ancestral land. I just fled for a shelter where I’m safe from brutalities and savageness. Surviving in the refugee camp like a chicken under the hutch.

The zone I dwell in landslides and soils eruption may happen anytime. No, I didn’t not come to inherit you but I still dreaming of repatriation to my birthplace. To survive under the tarpaulins it is not my willingness Or destination. The monarchy is intolerable and unpredictable, sometimes says take the exit pass and sometimes says don’t move without permission. I am helpless don’t think that is my weakness. I have to heal my wounds. I’m not just hunger of the food like the domestic animals but I’m hunger of my rights and justice.

No, I’m not in search of an affluent life but I’m in search of a peaceful and dignified life, where I can survive peacefully and fearlessly. Neither I need an advanced city New York nor London. I just need my deserted mother land (Arakan) state of Myanmar. I’m no more here, you should make me to returned where I came from. They cannot share their Hills and lands anymore. Instead of letting me to build a retention wall here, Send me a place to where I belongs to. The world must not ignore that. Coz, I’m a human too like all of you.

Note; This poem is based on a Rohingya Refugee in the world’s largest refugee camp called Cox’s Bazaar Bangladesh.

By_ Abdu Rahman

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