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Dreamy mind

An experience is an art of tolerance
Hence educate ye ignorance, opaqueness mind in danger
Reason and logic collapse all incompetence
Sans hazard our dreamy mind and soul are as passenger

Of only one way we may change our career
When we will take the rules of a driver
You may feel pain but it will give you a promising lesson
That change millions person for their well deserved dedication

Hence we ought to confront from sprouting time
Let not allow pain to rule at our faint heart’s prime
Be a person to changes every lessons ought to welcome
Be a innovative researchers ought to short out all and overcome

We have all within that ability and good hidden Sharp memory
Hence we ought to accept all challenges, gloomy lessons sans worry
In pain we opt step back and commit suicide
Only because we fear to dare and learn and decide to hide

Copyright © Sabur Ali

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