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My literary journey of writing poems | poems

My literary journey of writing poems was started in 1983 when I was 10. It was when my father died because of heart attack.
I wrote about losing my father as my first poem in our Parish church bulletin In Palembang, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia.
Then after my resignation from my official works, I found my passion back again, in December 2015 till now, through the growth of social media such as Facebook, etc.
As I don’t want to lose my English capabilities, I started writing poems in English and mini stories.

Internationally, my English poems were translated into Italian and published in Pinerolo and Sicily, Italy.

By posting my English poems in FB group of DEMO GOG based in Russia, I encountered with passionate young Bhutanese writers.
And Poetic Warriors based in Bhutan has allowed me to grow with their youngsters.

Being introduced by our Founder of Poetic Warriors, Sir Phurpa, I joined in OWWM (One World Writers Movement) as their secretary.

It’s my literary journey till now.
And now I’m dealing mostly with African Region, such delightful,
how to experience beautiful things in others.

Interviewed by Matthew Edeh Sunday.
Nigeria ~ Indonesia

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