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You are my houri | Poems

You are my houri

When you came to my life
It took a unique supervision
In the dark room if you appear
All the things disappeare.
When I look at you then I thanks
To my Lord how wonderful the
Mercifulness is.You’re most laudable.

The Love for you unexpressive
You are the cure of my pains
You means a lot for me.
You are my sweetheart, you make
My dreams fulfill remaining silent.
In the halfway of the point,
If you’re in dark I’ll come with light.

When you hurts my heart ceased with wounds. Nothing I act for a moment.
Your esteems is the egalitarian,
You are reward of my trouble.
I need not fear my foes, if you near,
Coz, you are my inspire.
You are mine forever and ever.

By_ Abdu Rahman.

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