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Inspiring Journey of Manya Singh to becoming Miss India Runner-Up 2020

Inspiring Journey of Manya Singh to becoming Miss India Runner-Up 2020

We generally say “No dreamer is too small, and no dream is ever too big”. Manya Singh , a graduate dared to achieve more and dream big. She always wanted to do something different in her life and be of use to the society. Being an auto rickshaw driver’s daughter to landing the coveted crown took the internet by storm is truly an inspirational story of struggle, hardwork and determination.

Inspiring Journey of Manya Singh

Born in Mumbai to a auto rickshaw driver and beautician mother, she was raised in the small town of Hata in Uttar Pradesh. When Manya turned 14, she grew frustrated with the limited opportunities in her village and ran away from her home to Mumbai. Manya found the foundation for her dreams in the suburban Kandivali as she funded her education by managing two jobs at a pizza joint and at a call centre.

Coming from a patriarchal family , women were always looked down as compared to the men . Manya was determined to win the Miss India Pageant once she watched it at the age of 15. This decision was encouraged by her parents and they relocated to Mumbai to support her dreams.

Things weren’t easy at home either–Her father mortgaged the jewellery to pay the fees. She worked extra doing more chores at the pizza outlet to earn extra money. In the early years before the pageant , she faced prejudices based on colour and was always at the receiving end of harsh comments due to her dusky looks. People also commented on her clarity of English diction. She observed how people carried themselves and in college, she would observe how her friends spoke English.

After many futile attempts of auditioning for pageants, her dream took off in December 2020. She applied and due to the pandemic gave all her interviews in her home in the slum at Kandivali. Two months later, she was declared the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 – Runner Up!

With this win, she has broken the mind-sets and biases that exist in our society, People should have the confidence to face the world. The support of her parents and her father’s belief in her had made Manya Singh stand proud with a crown in her head. The crown comes with a lot of responsibility and we wish her all success as she embarks on her new journey of life.

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