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Effects of pollution | Essay in English

Effects of pollution

Pollution is something which harms the environment more and more. Because of the pollution the natural conditions of the environment changes. Environment is the only thing which is very important for all of us. Without good and pollution free environment, we can’t survive at all. So, because of the man made reason and also sometimes because of the natural reason the environment get polluted. Pollution is not any extraordinary word , it is a very ordinary word which is known to all. Because of some reasons, the environment get polluted. And our main concerns is that what are the effects we have to face if the environment get polluted. Let’s discussion about the effects of pollution

1.pollution helps to change the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the environment. Pollution creates very problematic situation because of that it is impossible for us to survive.

2.Because of the pollution, it causes harmful position in human life. Not only human life but also in the other species also.

3.It also destroys the living conditions of the human life and also it helps in deflecting the raw materials resources.

4.Because of the pollution the countries cultural heritage is also degraded. Because of the increasing pollution it is very difficult to protect all historical monuments.

5.Because of the pollution, more people in our country suffers from Asthma. Pollution is very problematic for the Asthma patients to survive.

6.Some toxic or hazardous waste plays a major in increasing the level of pollution. Because this hazardous has the toxic characteristics without that the environment cannot assimilate with the pollution properly. So, this toxic hazardous plays a vital role in increasing the levels of pollution.

7.pollution decreases the standard quality of environment.

8.Pollution causes very high risk for the human health also.

9.Not only human suffers from the pollution the fish who lives in the water, the birds who lives in the trees, the pollution causes a problematic situation for survive in this beautiful earth.

10.Pollution also damages the natural resources and also damages the man made resources as well.

We should take appropriate step about how to prevent the pollution. Only in the alertness of man the levels of pollution can decreases. Through more and more trees the pollution can stay away from the pollution, so we can do more plantation program. We should alert people about the adverse effects of pollution, because of the pollution what can happen, the pollution can lead to more vital diseases. So, stay alert and we can hope for pollution free environment

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