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Overpopulation | A curse upon the society

Overpopulation – A curse upon the society

Overpopulation is a situation where an organism’s number beyond the capacity of its habitats.It mainly refers to the relationship between human population, and its environment, the earth.

Overpopulation depends on the ratio of population, it doesn’t depend on the size or density of the population. Overpopulation mainly result from an increase of the births,

What are the causes of the overpopulation?

When birth rate is increased than the death rate then overpopulation happens. Early marriage is another things for which overpopulation is increasing day by day.

Another reason of overpopulation is that poverty. Sometimes people feels that the more children are needed to earn more and the children will look them in their old age. For this reason the more children is the cause of overpopulation.

The illegal migration is continuously taking place from Bangladesh, Bhutan, nepal, leading to increased population density.

What are the major effects of overpopulation?

The overpopulation generates unemployment for the more population in a country like india is very problematic. The number of illiterate person is increased day by day.

The number of people who are jobless in India the number of people of that category is increasing day by day because of this overpopulation.

We have control this overpopulation what are the steps for preventing this overpopulation…… Let’s discuss….

We have to increase public awareness by government for decreasing this overpopulation.

We have to increase the welfare and status of women and girl and through the spreading of the education we can control this overpopulation.

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