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Nurture the nature, Nature will nurture you

Nurture the nature,
Nature will nurture you

Nature ,Nature, Nature ,
You are everywhere
Every direction when I turn
You are there for me

You are my friend,
Lots of people promised me to be with me
But they left me with broken hearts
While you never left me nor promised to be with me.

You are my mood maker,
Some idiots irriates me,broker me
While you come and touch me ,makes me lost with you

You are my Teacher ,
I start with a book and a pen ,
I stuck in the middle of the journey
I turn to you ,you touches my brain and fresh it

You are my audience,
While I start writing with people around me
I can’t think what to write
But while in silence just with you
I can have confident to write and you are the one who listen to me

You are my siblings ,
You come suddenly with cool air
And touches me
You bring your Heart Your hand (leaves) on my head and tease me.
You run around me but it’s hard for me to catch
You use to be there for me like a shadow .

You are my lover ,
You are my parents,
You are my ife,
You feed me air (oxygen)for us
That’s the reason what I am here writing about you

You make the surrounding green and clean
Nurture the nature
Nature will nurture you

by Rosna sinchuri

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