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Memorial life of school

Memorial life of school

That place was likewise where I learn more not from the books, but from the fault,

We pleased when teacher didn’t come in the class,

There was another emotion in the scolding of the teacher,

We gave another name of every teacher,
We felt a kind of confusion in saying,
They arranged picnic same place in every year,
We used the paper more for making aeroplane rather than writing,
We thought that we will fly one day with that aeroplane,
There was something different,
There was something home like,
There was a relation with the unknown,
We celebrated the holy before the holy occasion,
We celebrated the diwali in silence,
I never wanted to take selfie with the school dress,
But now I want to wear that school dress again for taking a selfie with everyone,
The one hour journey of the bus when finished we even don’t know.
We finally felt glad that we will leave this place finally.
But how can we know that was the most beautiful place of our life.
Sometimes that memory reminds us about the beautiful moments

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