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THE APEX | poem


The hustles and bustles of mortals,
each seconds of bone stressing,
drops of sudor on skin,
waking at morn, sleeping at night,
working non stop, even on sick bed,
putting body at risk, aiming Apex.

World is overfeed with competition,
Jacob pull Esau ankle to overtake,
omitting ladder line, short cut on palm tree,
jealousy, song at each party,
moulding impossibilities to existence,
all this for the Apex.

All soul pull Apex rope,
million head fight for a throne,
hands with dagger murder hand of plank,
quest for power, just to secure Apex,
path to the peak is a needle line
to get there, fat pigs reshape to

Journeying to acme,
is a single race of no friend,
all being call for golden throne,
reaching the mountain top,
battle of single soul,
exploiting Apex, combat of a head.

The peak is a giant door,
wrestler full of strength shall break
strength from water, air, mountain won’t avail,
pulling down Apex door demand strength,
creator of Apex possess the forte,
He decide the throne sitter.

Befriend Apex owner, get to the peak,
seek owner favour, and be favoured,
million barren full of power,
is ice that will melt,
eternal struggling for pathfinder refusal,
Most high own Apex, follow His route.

©️ Popoola Oluwayemi.C

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