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Blurry Vision | LIFE RUE

Blurry Vision

Far away, golden mansion stand,
my eyes feed on it, soul race with joy,
each step, focusing the mansion,
my brain work with the mind tirelessly,
all aim at the great manse.

The eyes is an fluorescent,
soul urge torso to aim at vision,
going to and fro Terra firma,
all motions and posture for golden house,
every spoken work for great vision.

Admist journey, odd visitor visit,
welcome party bounce in the air,
instead of pushing, I cling to weird,
gradually, vision is fading,
strange visitor with dark veil,
mansion move out of sight.

Like gathering of water at sky,
my sight is blurred with visitor pleasure,
eyes is now crimson,
the eyes base is a pool,
tears gush out like fountain water.

Vision killer stitch round it,
hand refuse to take action,
as it sleep like living dead,
like morning cloud, vision is fading,
my bright fluorescent lost it light.

The eyes says action,
hand refuse to come on stage,
strange visitor stitch and bring havoc,
vision fade like a ghost,
grievous mistake that kill vision.

©️ Popoola Oluwayemi.C

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