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Icy chill night wakes me
Trembling my whole body
Growing night brings me chill bumps
By the ringing bells on Christmas eve..!!

I, busy with preparing gifts
Beads of togetherness and
Diamonds of memories keep me in touch
Of the fun-filled X-mas day..

And then, stepping out of the door
I could sense the beauty of December,
Smell the perfume of X-mas tree
Lights fill my body adding taste to Christmas

Forspent by the allure of Christmas
Carols in the air,
Adds sensation to the moment
Reminding that it’s the end of the year

Santa Claus with jingle bells
Hauls me to the world of him with sleigh
I pray that the beginning of the new year
Would bring new hopes and thoughts by the tunes of X-mas

©Shwetha A

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