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Written: By L. S. Onyah

Acts One,(Scene 1)

Mr. Tunde is a successful business man, with three kids.
Mr. Adyeye is a Bank branch manager, who frequents the spot every evening in a bid to escape his nagging wife.
Mr Wale : An Agricultural Engineer, became a drunkard when he had a setback last two sessions
My humble self who just moved into Mr Tunde’s neighborhood.

To the question, how did you get here?
Our first outing about a year ago

Spicy And Fresh Wine

Madam Spicy: (The owner of the joint located at Badagry, calls out to her sales girl)
Miss Esther!… Kindly get me more seats beneath the shade…{Pointing to a large mango tree within arm’s length}

Mr. Adeyeye: Gentle men, gentle men, you are highly welcome

Tunde: Thank you my friends, it’s a great pleasure seeing your happy faces {Arms stretched out, as hand shakes go round}

Mr. Wale: Your highness the pleasure is all ours (he sits back, sips a mouthful of fresh palm wine, clears his throat, making way for a sumptuous bite of rabbit meat)

Customers: (Noise of chats and laughter filled the air, as they were well seated in a clique of four persons per table)

Customer 1:..Madam spice please attend to me first

Customer 2:..Esther where is my plate of pepper soup

Customer 3:..(shakes his head to the tune of the song while he eats his goat meat)

Madam Spicy: What can I get you?

Light fades out with a sonorous tune

Acts 1, (Scene 2)

Narrator: Each Sunday after church service, we usually visit each other’s at our houses taking turns.
One of the pleasant recall was at Mr Tunde’s residence.
A well furnished luxury apartment.

A Homely And Pretty Wife

Adeyeye: (At Mr Tunde’s resident) Good afternoon madam, is your hubby at home?

Mrs Tunde: Yes please….
Good afternoon sirs, do come on in.

Mr. Tunde: Dear friends, welcome to my humble abode

My self: (Already seated with him) If these is humble what would you make of my residence?

Mr. Adeyeye: (Humourously said) A noble abode

(All of us) Burst into laughter.

Miss Tunde: Warm welcome Sirs, kindly feel free to call me anytime you need anything, (bows a little bit as a mark of respect)

Visitors: (Chorused) thank you so much, you are most kind

Curtain closed with lovely tune

Acts 1, Scene 3

Narrator: I did recall an unpleasant turn of event and this happened at Mr Adayeye’s Compound

The Angered Wife

Mr Adeyeye: (Picks up his cell phone and dialed my contact from only God knows where) Hello! Hello!! Can you hear me?…hello!!!

Myself: Hello!.. I can hear you, we are on our way to your neighborhood, and are 30 meters away before the next turn into your street…

Mr Adeyeye: Good, good… you guys should wait for me at the T junction…

Myself: Is everything okay!? (Before I asked any further questions, the phone beeps off)…

[In about fifteen minutes time he came around, while we were deeply worried on what could have transpired]

Mr Adeyeye: My house is on fire.

Mr Wale: what do you mean on fire?

Mr Tunde: Is everything alright?

Mr Adeyeye: My wife refused to prepare the Chicken pepper soup I asked her to prepare for us, and I simply gave her the beating of her life.

Myself: But, why? She has not been this way…

Mr Tunde: Can we go and appease her…?

Mr Adeyeye: Not to worry, I know how to care for my home and I will take care of things later. Let us cool off at the nearest spot over there friends.

[We reluctantly, agreed and the four of us entered the Toyota Camry and drove off.]

Scene fades away with a melancholic tune

Acts 1, Scene 4

Narrator: Mrs Wale became the bread winner of her household, since her husband had nothing doing. I recall visiting the market and bumped into her.

The Hustling Wife

Mrs Wale: (A prominent market women leader, who sells Cassava Flakes. She sits and place watchful eyes on the activities of her sales girls) Customer, come and buy na (Please, do patronise us)

Customer 1: How much for ‘the Igbo Garri?’ (The Yellowish Starchy Cassava Flakes)

Sales girl: Na a thousand and two hundred (Marked price of #1,200)

Customer: You no agree One thousands? (Will you sell for a #1,000 discounting #200)

Sales girl: No oh! I go sell for one thousand and one hundred naira last(I will sell for #1,100 discounted price of #100)

Customer: Oya, give me five paints (A paint of cassava flakes can hold five litres of water)

Narrator [With all the higgle and haggle, they had some tete a tete as items exchanged hands]

Myself: Good afternoon madam

Mrs Wale: Oko mi (My husband in Yoruba dialet ) eka-son (Good afternoon in Yoruba) you came to the market today?

Myself: Yes madam, I wanted to get a few things

Mrs Wale: ( Called her sales girl and whispered into her hears to freely give me two paints of white cassava flakes without payment)

Myself: (amazed at her kind gesture, and warmth) Iya ese pupor ma (Mummy thank you very much)

Exits stage with happy tune

Acts 2, (Scene 1)

The Twist In Events

Narrator: overtime, due to high in-flock of men in Spicy And Fresh Wine. It later turned into lovers den.

Mr Wale: Hello pretty…

Miss Shade: (An undergraduate student of PTF College, Badagry) Am fine handsome and how are you?

Mr Wale: Why not take a seat let’s chat

Mr Tunde: Kindly, bring more seats for these pretty angels.

Light out with hasty tune

Acts 2, (Scene 2)

Narrator: Just last Saturday, Mr Wale’s drink was poisoned by the lady he had fun with. We thought he was feeling tipsy until it was too late.

The Implication

Police officers: (Walked into the compound, well disguised)

Police officer 1: Hello

Myself: Hello, how can I be of help to you?

Police officer 2: Are you Sir Thompson, the marketer?

Myself: Yes! I am. Is anything the matter? (Something within my instinct tells me sometime is definitely wrong as my heart rate increased)

Police officer 1: You are under arrest for the death of Mr Wale. Whatever you say could be used against you in the court of competent jurisdiction …

Exits stage

Acts 2, (Scene 3)

Narrator: Three of us were arrested in addition to madam Spicy. Miss Shade’s whereabout could not be uncovered

Officer: (Walks here and there with this and that files, finally turned to us and asked) if you all claim you are not responsible for the death of your friend, #how_did_you_get_here?

Mr Tunde: Can I speak to my lawyer?

Police Officer: Yes, you can

Mr Tunde: (Dialed and had a long chat…)

Madam Spicy: Please, kindly help me with my hand bag over there (Pointing to a yellow purse across the counter containing her cell phone)

Myself: (Heads down, narrated the whole story starting from #our_first_outing) So now tell me, how would you, possibly think we killed our own friend when we neither have any Ill feeling towards each other?

Interrogating officer: Where is Miss Shade?

Light blacks out with nolstagic tune

Acts 2, (Scene 4)

Narrator: The final court seating will be this Wednesday, as our fate hangs on the balance. We got news that Miss Shade and her accomplice has been nabbed.

Can Of Cancerous Warms

Judge: (To Miss Shade after evidence points to her) guilty or not guilty?

Miss Shade: Both!

Judge: Are you taking this hallowed chamber with contempt? What do you mean by both?

Miss Shade: I was paid by Mrs Wale to monitor her late husband, it was an accident.

Judge: (To Mrs Wale) What is your response to this accusation?

Mrs Wale: (With the aid of an interpreter) Yes my lordship, I did pay her to feed me about my late hubby’s activities but not to kill him

Miss Shade: (Interrupts) you told me in confidence that you used charm on your hubby so he could lose his job and pay more attention to you…

Judge: ( calls for order, giving Miss Shade a warning)

Mrs. Wale: (Continues this time in shamefacedness) My hubby was a workaholic and truly I made him docile hoping he would pay more attention to me…

Judge: (After listening to their accusations and counter accusations, called for a break after which he made his final verdict) Miss Shade, the court finds you guilty of drugging Mr Wale with an unknown substance which led to his death. You are hereby sentenced to life in prisonment.
After which he turns to Mrs Wale, you subconsciously orchestrated your hubby’s death via your restlessness. You intended to tame his workaholic nature, which turned him into an alcoholic. You are hereby found guilty and sentenced to ten years of imprisonment with hard labour….

Curtain close with bitter tune of regrets

The End

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