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Poems on tomorrow


Spread the tidings round
For all in a merry sound
The testimony of time
Staged to audience as pantomime

Whose ear will decode the its message?
Whose eyes will witnesses the illusion without rage?

I am the testimony
Allusion of eon displaying as irony
Oneiric as called by nature
Obscure in sight of a myriad creature

Ages dwindle, but with me dwells the terrain of hope
No wizard can swindle my stance- never will he cope

I am the echoed clamor of populace
I never was and never existed
Goodies of future finds solace in my domain
And galore of my notion to all seems phantom

To all who wish to know me in my realm
I am TOMORROW, the oneiric, echoed voice of populace.

©® Olaoye Olawale Olufemi

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