Many people lives in our country some of them are depressed and the victims of anxiety and for that reason they always try to escape from the problem without finding any particular solution of that problem and take shelter among this kind of things like alcohol and drugs. But the alcohol is the bad thing for their health , but they didn’t know about the bad effect of it. When any didn’t stay without it, he have to drink it surely, without it he can’t stay — this disorder is called alcohol syndrome. It’s doesn’t matter at all how much amount people drink alcohol per day rather what matters is that how people use it for dealing with their personal problem.

Some people drinks alcohol for show off because they belong to the high class and they consume it as their fashion. They use it in birthday, marriage ceremony as a celebration gift.

Some people people drinks it because to avoid their problem of their life. Some time they drinks it to avoid social problem, some time they drinks to deal with the psychological problems and sometimes they consume it to deal with the social problem. Some time they fed up with their day to day personal life problems, means relationship problems, jobless, economic crisis this makes to be addicted to alcohol.

√ Alcohol helps them to avoid this situation and also helps them to escape from the problematic situation for some time. For that the people wants to forget all the problems of their life for some time, they wants to come out from this kind of anxiety and depressed situation. That the cause of consuming alcohol.

√ Some time because of the friend circle they addicted to alcohol. Some friends force them to get addicted to alcohol for that reason they get addicted because of the friendship.

√ In this the personality differs from man to man. Some persons are with strongest personality means they can bears any hardship and problem in their lives and some people are very weak personality, they are not prepare to deal with the problem, hardship, adversity, and what the real realities at all for that they always try to escape from this reality and take shelter in the alcohol.

√ Some people of our country lives in the poor villages and some lives in the slum areas. And their environment is not at all good enough for that reason they are always surrounded by this kind of people who are alcoholic for that reason they are follwer of that kind of people.

√ Some people comsumes because of the professional career and for the business contract. When they are going to final any deal, they have to must consume and attend the parties and after some time they are addicted to alcohol.

√ Some times the party of drinking happens when anyone achieves success in their personal life and professional life also. Then they decides to arrange such kind of drinking party.

√ Some people avoid the economical crisis and the crisis of the real life for that to escape from the situation they want to consume alcohol.

Now let’s discuss about what are the ill- effect of consuming alcohol:-

1.Because of consuming alcohol in day to day life, the crime and lawlessness are increasing day by day.

2.Because of consuming large amount of alcohol, it also effects the physical body also. The eyes become lustreless.

  1. The consuming of alcohol causes in the liver cirrhosis. That is a very complicated problem.
  2. People loose control upon himself and also they began to loose their efficacy.
  3. After consuming alcohol day to day life the people lose concentration in their studies.

6.After drinking alcohol the consumer beats their wives and children.

7 . They also try to commit crimes and also any other anti-social act after consuming alcohol.

The long term treatment should provided to the alcohol consumers. They should give correct advice about how to leave this bad habits. They should show what are the problematic disease can occur because of the alcohol. After that if they will understand, they can leave this addiction. They should understand that the alcohol addiction is not good at all. It has ill effects on health.

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