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How to write a article which is appropriate and unique?

How to write a article which is appropriate and unique?

Article is something which is important to improve the writing quality of everyone. By this article we can express anything in details what we thinks in any particular topics.

First steps in writing a article is that

  1. The article should be enriched with good and standardized words . Standard word is not much more important what is more important is that the words should be yours own words, not taken from anyone else’s writing.

2.The second point is that there should be any particular topic on which we are going to write. Many times we can see that the topic is decided by the the editors of any journal or magazine.

3.The third point is that there should be word limit which is more important. When we want to publish our writing in any journal we can find that the editor of the journal always fixes the word limits beforehand. So, it is our duty to complete our writing within that particular word limits.

4.The fourth points is that there should be clear and precise idea about the topics what we are going to write.

5.The fifth point is that we can highlight the important points which is more relevant to the topics so that the readers will attract to read the article more and more.

6.The sixth point is that we can take some quotation from the author’s work or some relevant text which we have read before. Because of this element the article will be more attractive.

7.The seventh point is that when we begin to take any lines or points from anyone else’s writing that we have to give the name of the books or the name the article from which we have taken the lines or points, we have to give the name of this in the work cited points. Otherwise it will be consider as a plagiarism . So we must conscious about it also.

8.Eighth, we have to give a suitable title related to the topic.

9.Nineth, another important thing is that the argument of the topic of the article should be strong and concrete because what we want to explain through our article that should be clear otherwise it will be problematic to the readers.

10.Tenth, the most important thing is that we should write the third person view and should avoid the use of ” I think” , ” According to me ” such kind of words because it doesn’t matter at all what we think at all.

11.Eleventh, there should be a flow of thinking in your writing.

12.Twelfth, There should be a small summary in the conclusion about you have written before and the central topics of the writing, so that is the another important point.

After the completion of the writing we can submit the writing for publishing.

So, these are the most relevant points which plays a important role in writing a, we must follow this rules while writing any article for a journal or Magazine or any other writing.

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