Character list

Rajesh- Protagonist
Mr. Sen- Father of Rajesh
Mrs. Sen- Mother of Rajesh
Rajanya- Wife of Rajesh
Sujan Babu- Father of Rajanya
Priti- Lover of Rajesh
Bijoy- Uncle of Priti

Act- 1, Scene- 1

(Mr. sen and Sujan Babu meet after a long time in a airport, former close friends of each other)

Mr. Sen- Hay Sujan, What`s up bro, after a long time. By the way how are you?

Sujan Babu- Yeah I am fine, whats about you?

Mr.Sen- I am also fine, and I am happy that we have finally met together after long years.

Sujan Babu- Yes it`s a long time. But why are you in this airport?

Mr. Sen- Actually, today my son Rajesh is coming from London, and I am here to pick up him. By the way what about Rajayna? Is she complete her study? Because I am thinking about Rajeshs marriage and Rajayna is perfect for him. So whats your opinion brother?

Sujan Babu- Oh my god, I am pleasure to here that my daughter will become your Daughter in law. Its okay but what is Rajeshs opinion? Is he agree to marry Rajayna?

Mr. Sen- No need his opinion because he is my son and I know well him. If I tell him he will definitely marry Rajayna. If you tell then next month has a perfect wedding date and in that day we can get spliced.

Sujan Babu- Okay, as you wish. I will talk with my family.

Mr. Sen- okay Bye. See you soon.

Act- 1, Scene- 2

(Rajesh come to know about his marriage. He don`t want to marry Rajayna because he loved Priti. Now he is taking call with Priti over Phone.)

Rajesh- Hello?

Priti- Hey, Raj. All okay?

Rajesh- Yeah… I have to talk with you right now.

Priti- Now? Its 1 o clock. Cant it wait until tomorrow?

Rajesh- it actually cant. I have thought this for a long time and couldnt muster the courage until now.

Priti- You scaring me. What is this about?

Rajesh- it`s about us.

Priti- Raj, please tell me what is going on, I am getting nervous.

Rajesh- Priti, I can’t marry you because my dad decided my marriage with his friend daughter Rajayna. And I cant deny decision and I don’t know what to do right now.

Priti- O My god! What are you saying? Please tell your dad about us and our relationship.

Rajesh- Sorry! Dear, I can’t. He is god like to me and I can’t tell him and deny his decision. Now I have to do the marriage because of my father. And you know priti how much I love you and I can`t forget you even after my marriage. Will you be fine?

Priti- I am not fine but I can`t do anything if you have decided to take a decision. But promise me that you will meet with me after your marriage.
Rajesh- Yeah, Sure. I am sorry again. I will make make things all cleare when we meet. Okay bye good night.

Priti- Okey, bye good night.

Act- 1, Scene- 3

(Rajesh told his mother that he didn’t want to marry Rajayna. and his mother reaction)

Rajesh- Please mom, help me.

Mrs.Sen- what happen?

Rajesh- Mom I dont want to marry Rajayna. Mrs.Sen- Why Raj? Rajayna is a good girl, well educated, good looking and she is perfect for our family. So whats your problem?

Rajesh- because mom I love someone, her name is priti and she also love me very much. We want each other.

Mrs.Sen- look Raj, Rajayna is not only your fathers choice she also a daughter of your fathers childhood friend Sujan. She is a good girl and I know my child that you will be happy with her.

Rajesh- No mom, you please tell dad about Priti.

Mrs.Sen- I am sorry my child. I cant go beyond your fathers decision. I am really sorry.

Act- 1, Scene- 4

(Conversation of Rajesh and Priti)

Priti- You know Raj? I am very upset today.

Rajesh- I tried a lot for break our marriage but I cant do anything.

Priti- Dont say anything, I am really angry with you.

Rajesh- please dear, try to understand.

Priti- I don`t want to listen a single word from you.

Rajesh- please listen to me.

Priti- no, not at all.

Rajesh- baby you know that how much I love you?

Priti- yeah, I know.

Rajesh- I can leave my house because of you, will you agree priti?

( Priti in his inner mind: if you leave your home then I will never get your company and your property from your father. and this is the only aim of mine and my uncle.)

Rajesh- why are you silent priti, please tell something.

Priti- No. not need to leave your home. Do your marriage; we will be connected after your marriage.


(After the marriage of Rajesh. Conversation with Rajayna)

Rajesh- Look Rajayna, I want to clear something to you.

Rajayna- Yeah, sure. Please say.

Rajesh- look, I love someone therefore I never accept you as my wife. Today is our first night therefore I want to clear these things. I`m sorry.

Rajayna- What are you saying raj? I can`t believe this!

Rajesh- Yes, it`s true and you want to believe this.

Rajayna- dear, so why you have did this marriage? And why you dont say it before marriage? Now its too late.

Rajesh- because of my dad, actually I never talk anything over my dad`s decision. So I request you Rajayna that you please tell my dad and break this relationship as soon as possible.

Rajayna– So now what you want?

Rajesh- now I want Divorce.

Rajayna- Can I want to know who is she ?

Rajesh- She is priti, and we love each other very much. Please Rajayna do something.

Rajayna- (Sadly) okay, I will tell your dad about our divorce. Dont worry.

Rajesh- Thank you dear.

Rajaayna- Yeah, Raj it`s okay I can understand you.

Act- 2, Scene- 2

( Priti and her uncle Bijoy in her London`s home)

Priti- I want to tell something.

Bijoy- Yeah, please.

Priti- uncle I want to go India and meet with Rajesh.

Bijoy- but you told me that he already married, then why you want to go there? Did he want to keep any relation with you now? I don`t think so.

Ptiti- he loves me a lot and I also love his property a lot therefore I want to go there and grab some major contracts to emotionally blackmailing Rajesh from his company to our company.

Bijoy- but how?

Priti- Yeah, I have a plan. First I will go there and Ill force Rajesh to give divorce to Rajayna. And after their divorce ill marry him and then I can control their company.

Bijoy- okay it`s a good choice. Carry on.

Act- 2, Scene- 3

( Rajayna, Mr.Sen, and Mrs. Sen in their home)

Rajayna- dad, I want divorce with our relationship please do something.

Mr.sen- what are you saying my child?

Rajayna- Yeah dad its true I want freedom now and I want some space to lived out my life.

Mr.sen- My child, if there is any problem between Rajesh and you then please tell me I will tell Rajesh to solve that. But my child I dont think that divorce is the solution of any problem. Mrs.sen- Yeah, my dear your dad is absolutely right. Ill tell Rajesh about that and solve the situation. You are my daughter in law and we love you so much dont tell again about the divorce. Rajayna- sorry mom, im really sorry. But I took this decision and I never change it. Please mom forgive me.

Mr.sen- please think about it twice before taking any action. It will be good for you.

Rajayna- Okay.

Act- 2, Scene- 4

(Priti in Rajeshs home as a friend. Taking a phone call with his uncle)

Priti- hello

Bijoy- is everything all right there?

(Enter Rajayna and listen aside)

Priti- yeah absolutely right. Rajesh applied their divorce and I am become a very good member of their home. Bijoy- Well done, my child.

(Enter Rajesh, Rajayna stop him and both listen aside)

Priti- But uncle one problem is that I never get the contract for our company, Rajeshs company get the contract and that news upset me.

Bijoy- okay, don’t worry.

Priti- but uncle one good news is I told Rajesh about our financial crisis and therefore he agrees to send a large amount of money for our family. But this money is actually for our companys development. And Rajesh don’t know about it. And I also meet some big contractors to join our company from Rajeshs company.

Bijoy- o my god you already done everything in there! Good

Priti- Yeah. Next week I will go London, and never came back again to marry Rajesh. Really he is such a fool who neglect his wife for only my love. How stupid he is.

(Enter Rajesh and Rajayna)

Rajesh- O my god. Priti still now you act with me. You don’t love me? Its just a acting for your business. I am really shocked to listen these words. Really you are a big chatter who cheat me and my family. Really I am a big fool.

Priti- No listen Raj. The reality is…

Rajesh- sat your mouth and get lost of my home right now. I don’t listen any words from you. Please get out.

Priti- Please listen…

Rajesh- will you go or I call police right now?

(exit Priti)

Rajesh- I am sorry Rajayna, I am really sorry. And thank you for closing my eye. And I am really sorry for my behavior towards you.

Rajayna- no, Raj please don’t be sorry. Its okay. I still love you a lot. Rajesh- thank you dear thank you so much for your help. Now Ill cancel our divorce. Rajayna will you stay with me?

Rajayna- Yeas my dear. Yes. I stay with you to my whole life.

Rajesh- I love you. Can you love me?

Rajyana- No, absolutely not (Laughing). Okay i`ll go I have a lots of work.

Rajesh- Haii, Wait, Wait, Wait I have to say something…

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